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The latest developments in device management at Pepperdine, along with relevant informational links and our patch log.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mac OS Auto-Update Enabled

Device Management enhances the security of our environment by keeping your computer up-to-date. Not only is it important to keep our installed programs on their latest versions, but also the operating system (OS) of your computer, whether it be Windows or Mac. In order to ensure timely application and OS updates for Mac computers, Device Management will be enabling the built-in auto-update settings within the Mac App Store. You are highly encouraged to reboot when prompted by your Mac to do so, which looks like this:

Periodic reboots are advised for every personal computer. Make sure to take a break and keep your computer up-to-date by proceeding with a reboot when prompted by your OS or the Device Management agent.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Why Is Device Management Needed?

The Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy requires all computers connected to our network to be maintained up-to-date with security patches and to follow published IT Standards. For UNIVERSITY OWNED assets the IT Standard is to use Device Management and WSUS to comply with the policy via automated updates. Twenty years of Pepperdine history has proven that the only way to provide consistently up-to-date computers is automation; all other methods have failed miserably, leaving the University with significant risk.

Why Don't I Already Have Device Management?

The two most common reasons are the computer was bought on a PCard and not delivered to a technician to set up or that the technician forgot this step in the job procedures. We apologize for the extra trouble associated with this notice, but the two options above should get this sorted out timely.

The University Does Not Own This Computer!

Some people have reported to IT technicians that they knowingly marked their computers as University Owned because they thought that status gives them greater benefits. Of course, some people may do this in error. Without distinguishing between causes, if your computer is really a personal purchase, contact the information security office x4040 while sitting in front of your computer. ISO will work with you to change the registration. This service is only available by phone conversation with the registered user of the computer. Conversely IT technicians will not work with you to register a University owned computer as personally owned for the purpose of evading automated updates because this would put them in violation of their annually signed code of conduct. Maintaining your personally owned device free of security vulnerabilities is your responsibility and damage caused by exploited insecurities on your personal device is your liability. IT does not manage personally owned devices. For more information and a resource to maintain security of your personally owned device try browsercheck.pepperdine.edu.

If Your Computer Is Blocked:

As noted in the email you received, University owned computers without Device Management are blocked after 10 days. Please contact the IT Service Desk x4357 to schedule an appointment on the next available time slot to install your Device Management agent and get the computer unblocked by the end of the next business day.