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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

DM Profile Prompt

Beginning in February 2022, Pepperdine required all University-owned Mac device users to enroll their machines into Device Management (DM) Profile.   The DM Profile improves security, patching, and device configuration on our Apple systems by making updates for Mac device users much easier.  The profile remotely connects and protects your Apple devices, eliminating the need for device users to collaborate with a technician for basic tasks.

In April, any Mac that has not yet enrolled into Device Management profile, will experience a weekly prompt message.  We strongly advise you to self-enroll your University-owned Mac device to avoid pop-ups.

If you start receiving prompts, you can enroll into DM profile by clicking “Ok” on the first prompts. Then you will receive the second prompts within a minute to start the installation.

If you have any issues enrolling your device or technical questions, you have multiple options to contact technical support at Tech Central:

  • Call 310.506.4357 (HELP) to reach Tech Central 24/7/365

  • Schedule an appointment with our technicians online or at one of our available locations

  • Access the IT Support Forms for common, non-emergency requests

Visit TAC B100
in Malibu, Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM Pacific

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

MacOS 10.14 End-of-Life: Update Now!

MacOS 10.14 ("Mojave") is no longer supported as of January 1st, 2022. You can check your operating system (OS) version on a Mac by clicking the Apple icon in the upper-left of the screen and then clicking "About this Mac"

Step 1 - Visit https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211683

Step 2 - Scroll to the section “Use Safari to download macOS on your Mac”:

Step 3 - Click on the link for “macOS Big Sur”

Step 4 - The link will ask you to open in the App Store, and will take you to this page within the App Store:

Step 5 - Click “Get” and follow the steps to update your operating system.