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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Update your pre-Yosemite Mac & HP MicTray.exe

Update your pre-Yosemite Macs. Macs, like all Apple products, need updates, too. Apple only updates the latest 3 operating systems and that generally means no security patches for older operating systems. If your operating system is MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or older it is no longer receiving updates. If you have a University-owned Mac that has one of the older operating systems you should be seeing pop-ups from the service desk telling you to contact the help desk for assistance. Please do so before July 1 to avoid having your computer blocked from the network.

New HP Laptops came with a keystroke logger. A keystroke logger records every key you press. This was a debug feature put in during the development of the new Connexant audio driver for these machines, but its still recording every keystroke to the MicTray.log file in /Users/Public. There is a fix coming from HP and Microsoft but for this week at least, Device Management is continually deleting the keystroke log file and the programs that generate it. Deleting the MicTray programs interferes with keyboard control of your microphone so use the mouse for volume, on/off in the meantime.