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Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Rid of Java 6


The Device Management Core Team is testing a script to get rid of your Java 6 for Windows and upgrade you to Java 7. Java 6 update 45 and prior, as well as Java 7 update 21 and prior are vulnerable to a widely used cybercriminal exploit kit. Meantime, you may want to use http://browsercheck.pepperdine.edu to update your Java manually.


For the moment, Apple has bought the extended updates for Java 6 from Oracle and is blocking your Java until you accept their update. If you're one of the 218 University owned Macs enrolled in device management, Device Management is updating Java 6 for you, using Apple's patch. If you have a University owned Mac, you should have Device Management - contact your tech support or the help desk.

Want to check if your Java is vulnerable?

Go to http://browsercheck.pepperdine.edu and use the big blue button.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Java 7 Update and Agent Download

Java 7 Windows Update

Starting today, the managed install of Java 7 update 25 will begin updating Windows computers that have a version of Java 7 less than update 25.  You should reboot, and when you type ctrl-alt-del to log in, you will see a screen noting that software is being installed (see screenshot below). About 537 Java 7 machines are vulnerable and need the update! 

This message box will appear on Windows computers while Device Management updates Java  

Windows computers with Java 6, will not be updated. Java 6 is no longer supported without paid contract to Oracle and will receive no more security updates on Windows. However, the removal of Java 6 and earlier versions, including replacement with Java 7, is a later step in our program.

Device Management Agent Download

For special situations (Macs, Windows systems not in domain, etc.) your tech support may direct you to the "Get the Agent!" link in the right margin. The link requires a valid Pepperdine Google Apps login to prevent the agent from being distributed on the internet and unrelated computers becoming managed by Pepperdine! You don't need to use the link if you aren't directed to do so by support. If you need to check whether you have the agent or not, see our FAQ.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Security Patching Update

The roll out of Device Management is continuing on a managed schedule across the University. As of August 1 we are applying security patches to University-owned computers on the Encino, Irvine, West Los Angeles, and Westlake Village campuses and across the Malibu campus (including the Drescher campus and School of Law building) except the Center for Communication and Business building.

Security patches are being applied successfully each week with few to no reports of user disruption. You can see a list of the patches applied by viewing the DM Patch Log and find out more about Device Management by reading our FAQ or sending an email to devicemanagement@pepperdine.edu.