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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

DM Profile Enrollment Campaign Stepped Up

The DM Profile referenced in the Apr 6 article below is a key component to help protect the University from ransomware and other malware; it will be used to make M1 Macs and Mac OS 11 & 12 systems compatible with our antivirus and encryption software.

You must enroll your Mac prior to June 30 to continue to use University networks.

A network event was sent May 26th to support managers and technicians, advising that all the colleagues they support must have their University owned Macs enrolled by June 30th.

An email with a personalized attachment was scheduled for May 31st to be sent to all colleagues with a University Mac registered to their NetworkID advising that their Mac must be enrolled in a DM Profile by June 30.

The familiar DM popup on unenrolled Macs guiding the seated user to perform DM Profile enrollment was increased in frequency from weekly, to daily, starting May 25th.