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Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting Rid of Java 6


The Device Management Core Team is testing a script to get rid of your Java 6 for Windows and upgrade you to Java 7. Java 6 update 45 and prior, as well as Java 7 update 21 and prior are vulnerable to a widely used cybercriminal exploit kit. Meantime, you may want to use http://browsercheck.pepperdine.edu to update your Java manually.


For the moment, Apple has bought the extended updates for Java 6 from Oracle and is blocking your Java until you accept their update. If you're one of the 218 University owned Macs enrolled in device management, Device Management is updating Java 6 for you, using Apple's patch. If you have a University owned Mac, you should have Device Management - contact your tech support or the help desk.

Want to check if your Java is vulnerable?

Go to http://browsercheck.pepperdine.edu and use the big blue button.

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