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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Device Management Agent Roundup - Macs

All University owned computers are required to have the Device Management agent, in order to make them compliant with the Computer and Network Responsible Use Policy. Specifically, this agent updates 3rd party plug-ins and web browser software which were proving proving both impossible to maintain up-to-date and simultaneously a reliable way for cyber criminals to take over Pepperdine computers.

Macintosh computers are not managed by the Windows domain, so the agent cannot be installed automatically. Macs are often bought by University PCard and set up by the assigned user, rather than by a technician, or technician's forget to install the agent.

Beginning in February 2018 the DM team worked to create service desk tickets to help get the agent installed on University purchased assets that didn't have it. As of August 16, 2018 95 Macs still don't have the agent.

To avoid a return to regular exploitation of University computers by cyber criminals, today the Information Security Office contacted all our colleagues who registered a Mac computer that does not have Device Management to ask them to install the agent.
The message requesting this action is personalized with the registrant's first name, NetworkID, the name of the specific computer and its ethernet address. If you received an email like this from ISO dated 8/16/18 at 3:47-49 pm, please follow the instructions in the message. If you would like further confirmation or assistance, please contact the IT service desk. (Second Notice to be sent 9/12/18).

Note that NO ONE from University IT will ever ask you for your password nor can they send you a SecureConnect/DUO push or token. If someone calls or emails requesting your password ( or sends a push or a token you did not generate ) hang up and call the Information Security Office.

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