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Friday, November 1, 2013

Staying Secure with Restarts

The Device Management team would like to remind everyone that a key component of many software installations is restarting your computer (also known as a "reboot"). Not all software installations require a restart, but when and if your computer needs to the Device Management client will alert you. Though these messages can be "snoozed," we strongly encourage everyone to reboot as soon as possible after receiving these messages. Here are how the reboot messages look, please click "Yes" to keep your computer secure:

Mac dialog box prompting for a reboot

PC pop-up window prompting for a restart

We understand that a break in your workflow can be annoying. However, the slight interruption can also be a good reminder to take a break. There is growing consensus among researchers that taking breaks from a prolonged task actually increases productivity: see this article in the New York Times. This is your Device Management team reminding you to reboot and worker smarter, not harder.

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